Saturday, June 24, 2017

Spirituality: “A Prayer to Saints Elizabeth and Zechariah” by Marci Alborghetti

Dear Saints Elizabeth and Zechariah,

How I would love to hear God’s words and instructions the way you did! How I would love for God to tell me what he wants from me, to instruct me clearly and precisely through an angel! I wonder what it must have felt like for you to know God’s will directly!

And then, I wonder: Could I handle it? Could I handle it if God were to speak to me or through me directly? Could I willingly pay the price you paid for such direct communication? Could I give up all worldly concerns, stop worrying about what people might think of me, trust myself completely to God’s will and do nothing to protect myself against scorn, curiosity, and the sanctions of others? Could I give up my child to do God’s will if it meant losing her or him?

When I think about both of you and how you gave yourselves and your son to God’s word and will, I pray not only that I come to understand God’s will for me, but that I have the faith and courage to follow and fulfill it.


Source: Marci Alborghetti, People of the Nativity: Living the Christmas Story Then and Now, pp. 50-51, slightly adapted.