Sunday, June 18, 2017

Spirituality: Embodied Prayers to the Trinity (Part 3) Tom Ryan, CSP

Stand, with hands joined at the breast

I bow to the Father who made me
         Bow from the waist, touch fingers of right hand to the floor; rise, making the sign of the cross              holding the first two fingers and thumb of the right hand together.

I bow to the Son who saved me
         Repeat above

I bow to the Spirit who guides me
         Repeat above

In love and adoration
         Join palms of hands 6 inches from chest

I give you the affections of my heart
         Touch thumbs of joined hands to heart

I give you the words of my mouth
         Touch joined fingers to lips

I give you the thoughts of my mind
         Touch joined fingers to forehead

I give you the strength of my body
         Open arms into a wide V and gaze upward

I bow and adore you
         Down on all fours, touch forehead to floor

Sacred Three
         Turn palms upward, place left foot on top of right

Ever One
         Return to table position, curl toes under

The Trinity
         Rise to standing, making sign of the cross