Monday, June 12, 2017

Spirituality: Embodied Prayers to the Trinity (Part 2) Tom Ryan, CSP

Strengthen my faith
          Extend arms forward, palms turned up

Deepen our love
          Place one hand on top; the other over the heart

Pour out your Holy Spirit upon me
          Goal post arms; hands raised.

Stretch forth your hands in signs and wonders for the sake of your reign.
           Extend arms forward, palms turned down.

Teach me how to pray
           Hands together at breast in prayer position

Let me not judge lest I be judged
           Arms folded across chest, head bowed

Grant me a discerning heart
           Touch hands in in prayer position to forehead, then to heart

Help me to listen when others speak
           Fingers touch ears

Help me to live chastely
           Place hands on lower abdomen

Open my hands in service to the needs of others
           Place hands, palms up, on thighs