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Friday, July 31, 2015

Spirituality: Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

A man or woman for others. Does this not contradict the very nature of the human person? Are we not each a "being-for-ourselves?" Gifted with intelligence that endows us with power, do we not tend to control the world, making ourselves its center? Is this not our vocation, our history?

Yes; gifted with conscience, intelligence and power each of us is indeed a center. But a center called to go out of ourselves, to give ourselves to others in love - love, which is our definitive and all-embracing dimension, that which gives meaning to all our other dimensions. Only the one who loves fully realizes himself or herself as a person. To the extent that any of us shuts ourselves off from others we do not become more a person; we become less.

Anyone who lives only for his or her own interests not only provides nothing for others, he or she does worse. They tend to accumulate in exclusive fashion more and more knowledge, more and more power, more and more wealth; thus denying, inevitably to those weaker than themselves, their proper share of the God-given means for human development.

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