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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Poem" The Grain of Wheat" from Flor McCarthy, S.D.B.

Each of us is like a grain of wheat planted by our heavenly Father.
That grain of wheat must die, if it is produce a harvest.
This dying to self is a gradual process and happens in ordinary ways.

Every act of kindness involves dying to meanness.
Every act of love involves dying to selfishness.
Every act of humility involves dying to pride.
Every act of courage involves dying to cowardice.
Every act of forgiveness involves dying to bitterness.

When a person’s life is producing a rich harvest of such acts,
it means that the grain of wheat has well and truly died.
The false self is dying, and the true self, made in God’s image,
is slowly being born.

It is the true self alone that will inherit eternal life,
for there is no place for what is false in the presence of God.
It would melt like snow before the sun.

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