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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Poem: Behind the Door

We are called to minister.
What will we find behind the patient's door?
A human being with fear or apprehension?
One never knows exactly what we will find.
But what about us?
Are we open, warm, reassuring?
Are we able to calm the patient's turmoil?

Someone said, "When you go behind that door,
You are the God person."
"Dear God," we say, "make me an instrument of your love.
Help me to find words of meaning in this moment.
Teach me to listen with compassion.
Teach me to bring the patient closer to you,
if that is their desire."

Being called the "God person"
can be frightening: I am not worthy.
But you walked this earth like all of us.
You felt pain, you comforted the afflicted,
You healed the sick, but most of all,
You showed your love and forgiveness.
I shall not fear, you are with me.

I sit here this day on the windowsill
and get a new perspective
of how the patient sees a steady stream
of doctors, nurses, social workers,
of nutritionists, respiratory therapists, and...
Whew! It is all confusing and overwhelming.
But I will wait. I am not in a hurry.

I will wait, I will be with you.
I do not have an agenda with IV's,
or vital signs, or infusion therapy.
No, I am here to be present to
and with you on your journey.
Behind the door


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  2. This speaks to me in a special way today as I'm travelling to visit friends but while I'm there I will be spending time with the daughter of other friends. She is at university in the same city and has just learned of her mother's cancer; they are hoping I will be able to bring her comfort and consolation. I am only God's vessel and the words will be those of the Holy Spirit because I have no words for such a situation. I am privileged to be present with her and bring her God's love. Thank you for this post today.

    1. I'm sure you will be part of God's consoling ways to them. They are grateful to have you show up for them.

  3. May I share these words with my hospital ministry team. So often people find reasons to not "show up." I've been doing it for so long that I know that's all that's needed. I empty myself, and the person on the other side of the rail fills me. It is they who feed me as we share the Bread of Life.
    Prairie Village, Kansas

    1. You certainly may share this with your team, Bill. You are right. We need courage to show up. We don't have to do much more than that. Thanks for being there for them. Many blessings.