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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Ite Inflammate Omnia" from "A Fire that Kindles Other Fires" - Decree 2 of the Society of Jesus' General Congregation 35:

Legend has it that Saint Ignatius, when he sent Saint Francis Xavier to the East, told him: "go, set the world alight."With the birth of the Society of Jesus, a new fire was lit in a changing world. A novel form of religious life came about, not through human enterprise but as a divine initiative. The fire that was set alight then continues to burn in our Jesuit life today, as was said about Saint Alberto Hurtado, "a fire that kindles other fires." With it, we are called to set all things alight with the love of God.


  1. I have been blessed by the ministry of the Society of Jesus as I have found my home in Ignatian spirituality. Over the years I realized that the Jesuits understood when I spoke of falling in love with Jesus when many didn't. I have been encouraged and mentored to continue to fall more deeply in love with Jesus under the guidance of many Jesuits at retreats and now in my studies at Regis College. I am very grateful for thhis "fire that kindles other fires" - including the fire that you ignite with your blog.

    1. Bravo. I'm so happy to hear of your deepening relationship with Jesus. It warms my heart, especially as I look forward to this coming Sunday's readings. This is what it is all about.