Monday, September 1, 2014

Prayer: Psalm 130 - In My Own Words

I’m groaning inside, Lord, as I wonder if you care for me. I’m pouring myself into my prayer that seems empty. Do you know I exist? Can you hear me? See me? Do you ever think of me? How I wish you, as great a God as you are, could do something, even the smallest gesture, to let me know you are concerned for me. Sometimes this seems one-sided, but for some reason I pray all the more.


If you, the God I consider all-loving, judged us by our sins, no righteous individual could withstand your judgment as we consider the ways we have not even tried to love well, yet you always preach the mystery of forgiveness. Because you mercifully forgive, I honor you because I cannot comprehend why you are so good to us. Why is it that you love us so much?

I wait for you, Lord. My soul waits and I place my hope in you and your sparse, but profound words. My soul waits only for you because you are the only one who fulfills me. Still my soul, Lord, as I wait for you.

O people of goodwill, hope in the Lord, whose love is penetrating and brings us new life. The Lord saves us from ourselves.