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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Prayer: The Prayer of an Ignatian Artist

 O God of Creation, 

you call us as companions of Jesus to follow your way and to be of greater service to your glory. 

We offer ourselves to you as instruments, Lord, - our liberty, our memory, our understanding, and our will. We open ourselves to your creativity in our lives. We surrender to you our old ideas. Take, Lord, Receive, as we welcome your new, more expansive ideas. We trust that you will lead us and that it is safe to follow you. 

We know you created us, all that we are and all that we possess. You have given us everything, and to You, Lord, we return it. Creativity is your nature and our own. We ask you to unfold our lives according to your plan, not to our self-assessment. Use our gifts wholly according to your will. 

Help us to believe that it is not too late and that we are not too small or too flawed to be healed, to be recreated – by you and through each other – and made whole. Give us only your love and your grace, for that is enough for us. 

Guide us to honor one another, to nurture each other’s unfolding, to encourage each other’s growth, and understand each other’s fears. 

Make us to know that we are not alone, that we are loved and lovable, and that our acts of creating is an act of worshiping you. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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