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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Prayer: A Prayer for Balance and Understanding

Loving God, 

 This has been a year of extreme challenges and we sometimes get weary with its weightiness and our powerlessness. Our frustration leads to impatience, and we sometimes do not even feel like ourselves anymore. We feel alienated from our world, from our meaningful relationships, and even from ourselves, and we yearn for reconnection. 

 Help us to explore the extent of our suffering so that we can understand what is hurting deep within us and where we feel disconnected. Help us really feel the pain so that we know where it most hurts, and then give us words to express what we feel. Help us articulate our pain so that we can have compassion upon ourselves, as we treat our pain the way a loving parent tends the wounds of a child. We ask you to transform this pain into healing. 

 Sometimes we simply ask you, “Where are you present in my day? Reveal yourself to me so I know that I am not alone, that I am always connected to you and to others who care for me.” Help us navigate through these next weeks by noticing goodwill in action, by assuring us that our small actions contribute to the common good, and by celebrating what’s right with the world. 

Inspire our souls in such a way that we will always find ourselves at balance even in the midst of confusion and disharmony. Your presence will help us find a way back to our center, to the place where we feel most comfortable and safe, to a place where we know you are our companion. 

 Be by our side, O God, so we can walk this road together. Amen.

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