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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Prayer: "A prayer in difficult times" by Fr. Predmore, S.J.

Loving God, As I begin this new week, I ask that you gaze warmly upon me as you invite me to come before you and sit. Help me breathe deeply and slowly as I sit in your presence. I know that my breathing connects my mind to my body, my emotions, my environment, and to my suffering. My breathing takes me to a place I can know as home, a place of comfort, a place of security, a place where my real self resides. My breathing centers me and keeps me in a place of balance so I can deal with the many challenges of the world. Wherever I am, my breath takes me back home to myself. 

As I come before you, I ask you to “See me. Hear me. Know how I’m feeling.” Help me articulate my needs and feelings as I speak them to you. Just be in solidarity with me as you intimately come to know what I am experiencing. Give me a full vocabulary to express my emotions. It is not that I see you, but you who sees me, and my presence fills you with wonder and admiration. Help me to speak to you adequate words that reveals who I am at this moment. I know that love is a mutual sharing of who I am with the one I love. Help me to share gracefully and in freedom. 

As you listen to me, give me the grace to hear you as well. Your words are the words of life and I need to be nourished by your creative, life-sustaining words – now more than ever. 

 Thank you, dear God. I honor you and give you glory, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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