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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Prayer: “A Prayer for Spring” by William J. Byron, S.J.

Lord of all creation, Lord of heaven and earth,
tbe Lord of all my hopes and dreams.
Protect me from the trap of self-sufficiency and preserve me
from even the hint of a suggestion that I can make
my own grass grow, or bring the trees of my talents to life.

But more than anything, I ask you to preserve me from despair.
No matter how dark the days, how deep the disappointment;
no matter how humiliating the defeat or great the loss,
you are always there to bring me back to life.

That is springtime for me. That is hope forever green.
That is truth unchangeable, love undying,
leading, as you alone can lift
and lead me to everlasting life.

Source: A Book of Quiet Prayer: For All the Seasons, Stages, Moods, and Circumstances of Life, page 42.

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