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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Spirituality: Jesuit Hermes Poen, a young scholastic writing to his superior, Jesuit St. Peter Faber in 1546

To put your mind at rest I want to assure you that in God's Goodness I have my old health back again, except that my feet are not yet quite what they should be. They are still too weak to use. On the feast of St. Paul I left the house for the first time to do some walking and to get some recreation. When I left the house I was in fine shape, but on my return I had reached the point where I was unable to stand any longer ... In your letter you told me that after my recovery I could stay here if I so wished or I could go to Madrid. You know what is best for me and I leave the matter to your judgment and decision. If you want me to stay here, that I shall do. If you want me at Alcala, I shall go there. If you choose Gandia, Gandia is agreeable to me. I am ready, it making no difference to me, to set out for Flanders, Brabant, Portugal, Italy, France, India, Arabia, should you so wish. And if I cannot walk, I shall crawl.

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