Friday, January 2, 2015

Poem: "Huron Carol" by Jean de Brebeuf, S.J.

                     ‘Twas in the moon of winter time,
When all the birds had fled,
That mighty Gitchi Manitou
Sent angel choirs instead;
Before their light the stars grew dim,
and wond’ring hunters heard the hymn:
Our Savior, Christ, is there, Jesus is there,
Hasten then, to Bethlehem.

Within a lodge of broken bark,
The tender babe was found,
A ragged robe of rabbit skin
Enwrapped his beauty round;
But as the hunter braves drew nigh,
The angel song rang loud and high:
Our Savior, Christ, is born, Jesus is born.
Hasten, then, to Bethlehem.

O children of the forest free,
O sons of Manitou,
The holy child of earth and heav’n
Is born today for you.
Come, kneel before the radiant boy,
Who brings you beauty, peace and joy:
Our Savior, Christ, is born, Jesus is born.
Hasten, then, to Bethlehem.

Three Chiefs together made a pact,
When glory filled the night.
To follow where that glory led
And find the source of light.
For God to them revealed His plan,
They hast’ned towards the God made man.
And Jesus welcomed them. Jesus the child.
Welcomed Chiefs to Bethlehem.

The time has come for each of us,
To kneel before the Lord.
He came in answer to our prayer,
Now let Him be adored.
And as we kneel this holy night
For holiness and him we’ll fight:
That promise now we make,
Make to our Chief,

Jesus Christ of Bethlehem.


  1. This is a beautiful Christmas hymn and is one of my favourites - especially since it is a Canadian Christmas hymn. :)

    1. I came across it for the first time this year. I'm glad it is part of your tradition.