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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Prayer: My Daily Prayer

My prayer these days begin with hearing the suffering of the people of Haiti, who are often the victims of earthquakes, storms, and political instability. With over 2,000 already dead and many others injured, we cannot forget the souls of those who are working to restore the people's livelihood and return to good health.

My prayer reaches to the frightened people of Afghanistan as political turmoil ensues. May God be merciful to those who helped the Allied forces and give them safe passage to a land that will ensure their freedom and safety. May God give compassion to the new government so that human rights are protected and promoted. 

May God keep the world safe from the variants of the Coronavirus and may no more variants mutate. I pray that the world come together to rally around a common purpose - to eradicate the virus through whatever means possible. May God change the hearts of people to give them hearts of compassion, hearts that care for others, and hearts that are concerned for the common good.

May God unite the Church, that we may find beauty in diversity, but that we unite around the Lord in joy and discover each other's innate goodness. May we focus upon the Lord who unites us rather than our differences. May we become a church that dances because we live in the joy of the Resurrection.

May God give us all an understanding heart that we may bear with one another in charity and goodwill. 

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