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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Poem: "The Incarnation," John of the Cross

Then He summoned an archangel, 
Saint Gabriel: and when he came, 
Sent him forth to find a maiden, 
Mary was her name. 
Only through her consenting love 
Could the mystery be preferred 
That the trinity in human 
Flesh might clothe the Word. 
Though the three Persons worked the wonder 
It only happened in the One. 
So was the Word made the incarnation 
In Mary’s womb, a son. 
So he who only had a Father 
Now had a Mother undefiled, 
Though not as ordinary maids 
Had she conceived the Child. 
By Mary, and with her own flesh, 
He was clothed in His own frame: 
Both Son of God and Son of Man 
Together had one name.

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