Sunday, April 3, 2016

Has Easter Arrived?

Has Easter Arrived?

Today is Divine Sunday, the conclusion of the Octave of Easter, one day celebrated over a week inclusive. Many people have talked about this feeling of sadness and emptiness this week, which is quite natural.

Just as Holy Week has a life of its own, so does Easter. As the spirits move and kick about during the Passion and Crucifixion, the death of Jesus moves at its own pace. Sure, corporately the Church celebrates Easter Sunday, but our personal Easter works on a different level and at an individualized time.

Many people need to stay in the tomb with Jesus. It is a rich and fruitful place to be, albeit lonely and dark. This can takes days or weeks. It is a place and a time when we can speak to Jesus freely because we do not have to worry about what he will say back to us because he is dead and committed to the earth. It may be a chance to say a final goodbye, anoint or cover his body for the last time, or just sit and appreciate what he has meant for you. It is a place of silence and stillness. We sit without expecting anything to happen.

However, as we console and honor the dead body of Jesus, we may turn to us and begin to console us. This is our personal Easter. Jesus has to come back from the dead specifically for us. Jesus will rise again as he said. He will come back for us and he will share his victory with us. We pray for the grace to have joy with Jesus who is joyful.

Of course, Jesus will come for you because of your friendship with him. Even though we do not read it in Scripture, Jesus, before he visited any disciples, went to see his Mom first. Imagine the tenderness of that encounter. Jesus will come for you in the same way. Be patient. The tomb might be the right place for you for a while.  Trust that his life will rise in you again. Alleluia. Alleluia.