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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spirituality: "Mary's Yes" by Caryll Houselander

Christ asked Mary of Nazareth for her human nature. For her littleness, her limitations, flesh and blood and bone, five senses, hands and feet, a human heart.

He, who was invulnerable, asked to be able to feel cold and heat, hunger and thirst, weariness and pain. He who had all things and had made all things, asked to be able to be poor and to labor with His hands and look with wonder at the wild flowers. He who was wholly sufficient to Himself asked Mary to give Him a heart that might be broken. . . .

Our Lady answered “yes” to Christ; she answered for us all; she was quite human. Had He asked her for anything else but her littleness she could not have given it, because she had nothing else.

She gave Him human nature, out human nature; the Incarnation means that Christ gave Himself to human nature to be its supernatural life.

Source: Christ in Our Midst: Wisdom from Caryll Houselander, pp. 85-86.

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