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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Prayer: "Prepare" by Unknown Author

Strange how one word will so hollow you out. But this word had been in the wilderness for months. Years.

This word is what remained after everything else was worn away by sand and stone. It is what withstood the glaring of sun by day, the weeping loneliness of the moon at night.

Now it comes to you racing out of the wild eyes blazing and waving its arms, its voice ragged with desert but piercing and loud as it speaks itself again and again.

Prepare, prepare.

It may feel like the word is leveling you emptying you as it asks you to give up what you have known.

It is impolite and hardly tame but when it falls upon your lips you will wonder at the sweetness

like honey that finds its way into the hunger you had not known was there.

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