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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Spirituality: "Advent" by John XXIII

All the liturgical seasons of the year have their own charm for the good Christian, but Advent makes a special appeal because it tells us that Christmas is at hand, and teaches us how we must prepare our souls for so great a Feast.

Particularly for us who are Christians, there is nothing in the whole history of mankind more sublime and joyful that the vision of the Immaculate Virgin who presents to us her child Jesus, while her motherly eyes fill with unutterable tenderness and kindness at the sight of all the souls, all the peoples, who are to be redeemed by her divine Son.

This wonderful mystery contains all the poetry of Christmas, which will live forever, through all future times.

At Christmas we think especially of small children, of these new lives and hopes of the future, for whom we must do whatever we can, caring for them generously and lovingly and making an effort to set them good example. And let us always pray for these little ones – it is well known that every day the Pope recites the third Joyful Mystery of his rosary for all the babies born during those twenty-four hours.

Now there returns to our hearts and lips the prayer that was the sublime hope of the Old Testament, and which the apostle St. John expressed in these simple words of his Revelation: “Come, Lord Jesus!” With the Lord always with us, Emmanuel, who guides our steps and upholds us on the road of this life, we are sure that we shall live in righteousness and in the peace of God.

Source: Pope John XXIII, Prayers and Devotions from Pope John XXIII, pp.306-307.

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