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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spirituality: A Gift

A retreatant told me a story about a parishioner and her 17 year old daughter. The teen was a bright student who never was in any trouble. She had good friends and lived a healthy lifestyle. One Friday night she decided to go out with other friends who were drinking and partying. As the driver of the car, she was taken into police custody as she was intoxicated while driving. Her mother came to pick her up at the police station and as she drove she unleashed all her anger towards her daughter's behavior. Her daughter had never done anything like this before and they had a good relationship with healthy conversations. When the mother greeted her daughter at the police station, she showed her concern and her anger towards her daughter, but she knew she couldn't have a conversation with someone who was intoxicated.

The girl slept late the next morning and feared going downstairs to face the hostility of her mother. She could smell the bacon cooking and knew that her mother was making breakfast for her. She decided to face her mother even though she felt bad enough about her choices. When the daughter came downstairs, her mother politely greeted her and placed breakfast before her. She also gave her a wrapped gift.

The girl quipped, "What's this for?" Her mother just asked her to open it. The daughter replied, "but I don't deserve a gift." As she opened the box, she saw a large rock inside it. She said, "I don't understand. What's this about?"

Her mother said, "It took 450,000,000 years for God to form this rock. God was steadfast and patient as it came into being. You are only 17 and I will be patient with you for I love you as steadfastly as God loves this rock. My love for you will endure. Please keep this rock in your room to know that my love for you will not erode over the centuries."

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