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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Question: Communicating through Blinkers

Here is an non-religious dimension question, but one that speaks to the ways in which we communicate. I have often said that the ways we talk with one another are the ways we talk with God. Have you ever done an evaluation of your patterns of communicating?

To bring the sacred into the secular, "Why do so few people use their car blinkers to indicate their intent?" It is a basic, courteous form of communicating, but in the Boston area, few people do it or they signal they are about to turn the moment before they turn. We have picked up bad habits of publicly declaring our intentions.

Take a moment today to assess your patterns of communicating while driving. Do you give sufficient or any notice of what you intend to do? Do you only use your blinkers when another car is around? Do you consider that pedestrians might want to know where you intend to go? When and how do you use your horn? Are you likely to give signals to others as a practice of good communication?

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