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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Poem: "The Last Shall be First," by Ann Weems

 Along the way the pilgrims heard

that a group of people
had set out for Jerusalem
without a map.

Since each of us owned
our own map
and read it daily
and even then
had difficulty knowing
which way to turn,
we were amazed
that they would set out
on their own …

amazed and alarmed.

Many a day we had
prayed and consulted
over choices
in the road.

This news presented
a greater dilemma:

Which of us would go
in the rescue party?
Whoever went would
most certainly
not get to Jerusalem
on time.

we prayed.

Then it was we realized
that the ones who went
in search of the lost
would be the first
to arrive in Jerusalem.

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