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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Poem: I did not plan to write today, by Natalie Brandt

                                                            I did not plan to write today. 

tears stream with no embarrassment from


those we lost this week, years, it is calling my hand.

They are not lost. 

They are where they need to be.

 They are with our God.

They are with our Lord and Savior.

They are in the house of god

Where agape love lives.

Where our god stands with open arms

With the embrace of forgiveness.

He brings them home.

They weep as they never weeped before 

clear vision of all grievingly sorrow.

Tears wiped away a new body given.  

They are now joyful, more then we can imagine.

they now live truly understanding rejoicing in god's call  

“thy will be done" 

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