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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Poem: “No Wind at the Window” by John Bell, Iona

No wind at the window, no knock at the door;
No light from the lampstand, no foot on the floor;
No dream born of tiredness, no ghost raised by fear;
Just an angel and a woman and a voice in her ear.

“O, Mary, O Mary, don’t hide from my face.
Be glad that you’re favored and filled with God’s grace.
The time for redeeming the world has begun;
And you are requested to mother God’s son.

“This child must be born that the kingdom might come;
Salvation for many, destruction for some;
Both end and beginning, both message and sign;
Both victor and victim, both yours and divine.”

No payment was promised, no promises made;
No wedding was dated, no blueprint displayed.
Yet Mary, consenting to what none could guess,
Replied with conviction, “Tell God I say yes.”

Source; © 1992, Iona Community

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