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Friday, March 2, 2018

Poem: “We All Have Our Courtyards” by Ann Weems

We all have our courtyards,
those times and places we face
like Peter
when we must decide
to stand up and say
whether we know him or not. 

Those crossroads in our lives,
when we go along with things as they are,
or we say, as Luther did,
Here I stand, I can do no other.
We all have our courtyards … 

Lent is a time to prepare for our courtyards,
the time to listen to who he says he is.
And he did, you know,
He did tell us who he is.

He is that one who brings good news to the poor,
freedom to the oppressed,
sight to the blind …
that Holy One who said,
Follow me.
Feed my sheep.

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