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Friday, April 24, 2015

"Encouraging the dynamism initiated by GC34" from "Collaboration at the Heart of Mission" - Decree 6 of the Society of Jesus' General Congregation 35:

We are humbled and grateful that so many - inspired as we have been by the vocation of Ignatius and the tradition of the Society - have chosen both to work with us and to share our sense of mission and our passion to reach out to the men and women of our broken but lovable world. We are enriched by members of our own faith, but also by people from other religious traditions, those women and men of good will from all nations and cultures, with whom we labor in seeking a more just world. Rich is the harvest. In many countries, important Jesuit works depend largely on the generous, loyal, and skilled collaboration of women and men of diverse religious and humanistic convictions. As the Holy Father affirmed our ministry and mission, saying to us, "The Church needs you," we must in turn look to our collaborators in mission and say, with gratitude and affection, that the call we have received is a call shared by us together.

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