Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spirituality: "Lifesigns: Intimacy, Fecundity, and Ecstasy in Christian Perspective" by Henri Nouwen

The way of God is the way of weakness. The great news of the Gospel is precisely that God became small and vulnerable, and hence bore fruit among us. The most fruitful life ever lived is the life of Jesus, who did not cling to his divine power but became as we are. Jesus brought us new life in ultimate vulnerability. He came to us as a small child, dependent on the care and protection of others. He lived for us as a poor preacher, without any political, economic, or military power. He died for us nailed to a cross as a useless criminal. It is in this extreme vulnerability that our salvation was won ... It is very hard for us to grasp even a little bit of the mystery of God's vulnerability. Yet, when we have eyes to see and ears to hear we can see it in many ways and in many places ... We can see it in the graceful smiles of poor people and in the warm affection of the handicapped. We can see it every time people ask forgiveness and are reconciled.