Monday, October 6, 2014

Spirituality: A blessing of gifts for spiritual care-giving

I invite you to quiet yourself - to seek the deep inner part of yourself in you. Touch the holy, the sacred, God's own spirit within you. Take time for prayer, reflection, and meditation before you seek to minister to others. Invite God to journey with you and to be the heart of your ministry. Receive the blessing of quiet and reflective time.

I invite you to listen deeply. As you meet people, listen with your head and heart to all that is being said and all that is not being said. Listen deeply without a need to provide your answers, but with an openness to journey with the other as they find their answers. Receive the blessing of deep and heart-felt listening.

I invite you to risk trying new things. You are surrounded by opportunities to learn and experiment, to seek help and to discover more about yourself and others. Push yourself beyond what is well known and loved and comfortable. Reach out to discover that you are surrounded by opportunity. Receive the blessing of openness to risk trying new things while being uncomfortable and uncertain.

I invite you to draw close to suffering and to hope. Let yourself come to know people who are struggling and burdened by their situations. Quiet your fears by reminding yourself that you do not have to fix things but only to be with those who are in pain. Let yourself discover that God and hope are present - even touched by suffering and by hope.

I invite you to return to God - to the one who touches and upholds you at the end of your day. Share yourself and your experience with the One who calls you to minister to and journey with those whom you meet each day. Close your days with thanksgiving for relationship, each special moment, each encounter through which you come to know yourself and your creator.