Sunday, November 3, 2013

Poem: 'Ode to Autumn Leaves' by Jacqui Taylor Basker

We are also dying
Wrinkling, thinning, cracking
Parts of us fall off too
Veins break like yours.
But we do not turn into colors
Brilliant reds, orange, purple, yellow
Like you do.

We are not collected and displayed
People do not drive hours
To see us and gasp in awe
Of our beauty.

Children and artists do not press us
Into wax paper or parchment.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could also turn
Into things of beauty as we age and
Fall into the ground like you.

Our vibrant neon hues
Proudly placed in homes and
Designer vases in office lobbies,
Museums, expensive restaurants!

Even hospitals would put us in the
Best rooms with the largest windows
For all to see the magnificent colors
We become.
And watch
Our bursting rays of pinks, violets
And gold - When we leave

Oh leaves.