Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Prayer: Anima Christ (Richard Stanley, S.J.)

Body of Christ, feed me.
Soul of Christ, lure me, love me.
Blood and water, make me drunk, and wash me,
buy me back, over and over,
in the river-bath
that flows from your side,
and ours.

Let me wash you.
Help me soothe you.
Let me kiss your holy wounds
everywhere warm
with blood and water
flowing from your side,
and ours.

Comfort me to make me stronger.
Make me slowly, surely holy.
Make me wild; glad to house you,
Help me keep you warm and fed.

Let me see you. Let me hold you,
hiding there in the bread.
Make me run, then,
show me where.
Make me reverent.
Give me sense
to bow before you, Christ,
hiding everywhere.