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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prayer: of Praise

Blessed is the tree that takes times to sink deep roots. It shows us what we have to do in order to withstand the storm.

Blessed is the seed that falls on good soil and so produces a rich harvest; It shows us what happens when we take the word of God to heart.

Blessed is the vine which, having been pruned becomes all the more fruitful. It shows us the good of self-denial.

Blessed are the flowers of the field. Their beauty bears witness to God's prodigal artistry.

Blessed are the many sparrows. Their carefree life gives us a lesson to trust in providence.

Blessed is the wind, coming from where we do not know, to set sails in motion, to breathe life into dying embers. It reminds us of the mysterious workings of the Spirit.

Blessed is the rain that falls without favor on all fields. In it we see a reflection of God's indiscriminate love for all God's children.

Blessed are the leaves that know when to let go and do so in a blaze of color. They show us how to die.


  1. This is a beautiful prayer - is it your own ?

  2. Phil, I did not, but it inspired me to do a little work on autumn poems. I'm not quite finished, but getting there.

  3. I wish you well with this- it's a great season for inspiration.