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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prayer: Freedom is not license

"Christ's call on our lives is a call to liberty. Freedom is the cornerstone of Christianity."

We have repeatedly been told what freedom isn't. We know it is not license, but freedom has been defined in a negative sense - as if it is a form of social control.

"Such an approach, whatever its limited truth, is defensive and afraid. Those using it wish above all to warn us of the dangers of thinking about freedom, of yearning for freedom. Such an approach generally ends up by showing us, or at least attempting to show us, that freedom actually consists in following the law or in submitting to authority or in walking a well-trod path. Again, there may be some truth in these conclusions, but there is lacking a sense of the dark side of the law, and of authority, and of the well-trod path. Each may be and has been turned into an instrument of tyranny and human suffering."

From "The Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning


  1. John, you don't seem to be around on weekends when I need your spiritual guidance!

  2. Here I am! predmoresj@yahoo.com Contact me.