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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spirituality: The Grace to Receive Freedom From ___

On retreats and in prayer, we often seek graces to be liberated “from” something that holds us back and to be liberated “for” some greater good. Here is a list of some conditions in which we desire to be freed from some aspect of our lives.

• Sin
• Guilt
• Existential anxieties (fear of demons, the grip of fate, death, every day cares/concerns, sorrow, despair and hopelessness
• Dissatisfaction with God and with others
• No freedom, chains
• Oppressive and alienating ties
• A life of no expression of love
• Arbitrariness
• Egotism
• Exploitation of credibility
• Merciless condemnation of others
• Concern about reputation
• Trying to impress others
• Panic
• Absence of pleasure
• Addictions

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