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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prayer: John LaFarge, S.J.

The latter years are a time when we simply allow ourselves to become more familiar with God and His saints in heaven. We should let ourselves grow closer to that source of life, that ocean of love, toward which we are inexorably moving, just as the waterborne traveler on a great river begins to scent the first tang of the mighty sea to which the current is noiselessly carrying him. It means talking much to God: to our Father in Heaven, to His Son, our Redeemer, to the Holy Spirit, who is our invisible and ever-working companion, and to Christ’s Blessed Mother Mary.

We don’t delude ourselves. Our minds may wander more readily in the later years. Troublesome memories of the past may obtrude, if we don’t banish them at their first appearance. We may even forget prayers we used to know by heart.

But the main thing is that prayer becomes more and more a part of the texture of our lives. We dwell a little longer in meditating. We spend a little longer time in a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. We refer things to God more naturally and frequently. We do much praying for the Church, for the See of Peter, for all the body of faithful, for souls akin to us outside the visible Church, for so many great intentions. In our later years we become more conscious that we do not pray alone. The Church is praying with us and in us – the whole Mystical Body of Christ.

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