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Friday, February 19, 2010

Spirituality: The Work of Love

The work of love involves giving yourself time. How much time do you spend with yourself? Do you take time for proper rest and relaxation or do you drive yourself unmercifully? In you're a "human doing" [instead of a human being], you drive yourself. You need more and more achievement in order to feel okay about yourself.

If you're willing to love and accept yourself unconditionally, you will allow yourself time to just be. You will set aside times when there's nothing you have to do and nowhere you have to go. You will allow yourself solitude, a nourishing time of aloneness. You will take time for hygiene and exercise. You will take time for fun and entertainment. You will take vacations. You will take time to work at your sex life. You will be willing to give yourself pleasure and enjoyment.

John Bradshaw - Healing the Shame that Binds you.

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