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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prayer: Peter Canisius

I commend to you, Lord Jesus,
the whole Society of Jesus:
our superiors and our subjects,
our sound and our sick,
our ministries of body and soul;
may we be rightly governed
to the glory of your name
and to the upbuilding of your Church.

Through you may we grow in our numbers
and in our service.
May we know our vocation thoroughly, and,
knowing it, love it.
And thus may all in the Society
serve your majest worthily and faithfully,
cling to the commands and the counsels
of the Gospel, and, united
in the love of brothers,
feel your blessings on our provinces, our
schools, our missions, and all our ministries.
May we be sober, simple, prudent,
peaceable, and studious of solid virtue.

May our lives conform to the Name we bear
and our deeds reflect the vows we possess.

We commend to you all the brothers
who share our life in the Society
and all our companions and partners
who share our heritage and our vision.
With the Father and the Holy Spirit,
we praise you forever.

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