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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spirituality: Some Key Ignatian Themes

- All of creation is God’s gift to us.

- God has a plan for us. It is possible to come to know this plan. Each person is individually gifted by God, a unique creation in God’s plan.

- Our experience is the starting point in coming to know God.

- Jesus Christ is central to our relating to God and in understanding right values. The more closely we come to know Jesus, the more we can know and choose the values of Jesus.

- Our choices are of means to the end of God’s greater glory.

- The greater a person’s freedom, the more directed towards God can be that person’s choices.

- We are invited to join God in laboring to bring about God’s reign.

- Prayer is the essential communication of mind and heart between God and each person.

- Discernment reveals the pattern of God’s work with the whole person. Understanding the characteristics of this pattern is essential in growing closer to God and making choices according to God’s plan.

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