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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Poem: “My Lord and My God” by Laurence Housman

 Spring comes with silent rush of leaf

Across the earth and cries,

“Lo, Love is risen!” But doubting Grief

Returns, “If with mine eyes


“I may not see the marks, nor reach

My hand into his side,

I will not hear your lips that preach

Love raised and glorified.


“Except by all the wounds that brake

His heart, and marred his brow

Most grievously for sorrow’s sake,

How shall I know him now?”


Love came, and said. “Reach hither, Grief,

Thy hand into my side:

Oh, slow of heart to win belief,

Seeing that for grief I died.


“Lo, all the griefs of which I died

Rise with me from the dead!”

Then Grief drew near, and touched the side,

And touched the wounds that bled,


And cried, “My God, O blessed sign,

O Body raised, made whole,

By this I know that thou art mine,

Upholder of my soul!”

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