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Friday, November 27, 2020

Poem: Meditation on Matthew 25:31-46 by: aliw40, web

Stranger, be not afraid – come in, come in, the table is laid. I see thee be weary, please sit yourself down You are tired, you are thirsty – come, see now you can rest from your worries and your burdens lay down. 

Stranger be not afraid – come in, come in the table is laid I too once arrived here, a stranger like you Be assured you can lay all wearies down too Find here a place where all sorrows released Where indeed you are known, and loved – be at peace 

 Stranger, stranger Why do you beg, for some crumb of food, for these meagre dregs? Stranger, begone for I shall not share; but in my great mercy I will at least, leave you alone to beg in the streets. 

Those with power are not the least (Though they claim the title – But God knows, and God sees) and though the world tells us – turn the stranger away God calls out to you now: hear God say When you shared naught with the stranger, you shared naught with me.

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