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Friday, February 15, 2019

Spirituality: The Search for Intimacy

The search for intimacy may be one of your top priorities today as you interact with people for whom you care deeply. You may find yourself in a loving mood, desirous of interpersonal connections that are deeper than those you have enjoyed in the past. Your heart may open of its own accord, prompting you to put your feelings into words even if you fear that others will reject your tender revelations. However, this vulnerability can become yet another way for you to express yourself today. As you admit your worries to your loved ones, they will likely give you the reassurance you crave while repaying your affection in kind.

When we are honest about the emotions that blossom from the seeds of feeling in our hearts, our loved ones will remain consistently confident that the roles they have played in our lives have enriched our experience. To articulate one's feeling forthrightly is to put one's soul on the line, risking both rejection and ridicule. But the people for whom we care deeply have proven many times that they respect our sensitivity as well as our truthfulness. Each time we tell our loved ones how much they mean to us in no uncertain terms, we ensure that they will continue to be there for us in times of great need and support us as we endeavor to grow out of our vulnerabilities and into confidence. Your tender and earnest expressions of love will be readily accepted today by the friends and family who are hungry for your affection.

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