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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lyrics: Virgin Guadelupe - "Cantos Sagrados" by Ariel Dorfman and Ana Maria Mendoza

Sweet Virgin of Guadelupe, of virgin of the gentle eyes

dark-eyed virgin, good Lady, my love,

painted by God's own hand on the cloak of the Indian Jual Diego.

Sweet virgin, my love,
who commanded the bishop
to build you a shrine,
where my brother's, the indians lived
In Tapeyepac in Mexico,
outside the city. Flogged and burned
were these poor little ones,
despised, deceived, and mocked,
my brothers the Indians.
A thousand times mistreated,
a thousand times killed.

What did you say to the bishop?
       "You will build me a house
                        outside the city, where I will wait,
         where I can hear the cries,
                        the pleas of my Indian children."

Sweet Virgin of Guadelupe,
Oh, virgin of the gentle eyes,
dark-eyed virgin, my girl,
my love I want to ask you
this question, dear mother:

"Why is it that in Spain,
           on the far side of the hills and valleys
                     across the sea,
 Why is there
          another Virgin of Guadelupe,
                     Patron Saint of the Conquerors?
                     men with great beards, men on horses.
                                     men with swords and fire,
                     who crush and burn our homes,
                                     and the Indians,
                                     your children,
                                                                   still inside?

Why is it, Sweet Virgin,
                           sweet mother,
          why is there another Virgin of Guadelupe,
                     Patroness of the Conquerors?

Hail Mother, portal of heaven, Flowering Virgin, sprung from the line of David.

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