Sunday, October 23, 2016

General Congregation #36 Updates

A primary purpose of the General Congregation is to elect a new Superior General. With that task accomplished, the Jesuit delegates from around the world embark on the next major task – that of reviewing postulate, which are concerns from across the world that are brought to the attention of the whole Society. These postulata will be reviewed and they may become decrees that result from the deliberations. For instance, our former Superior General asked the Society to examine its relationship to refugees and displaced persons. I would suspect the Society will keep this as a priority.

In a couple of weeks, Pope Francis will address the Congregation and will give exhortations for the areas he wants the Society to direct its energies and prayers. After this meeting, the new Assistants will be named and Decrees will be promulgated. No time frames are given for these events as the proceedings take on a life of their own. We ask for your continued prayers as the Society continues to evolve and to respond to the needs of the least fortunate among us.