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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Prayer: All Gracious God of Surprises

You have given me all I am and have, and now I give it back to you to stand under your will alone. In a special way I give you these latter years of my life.

I am one of those called by You into old age, a call not given to all, not given to Jesus, not given to most in our world today. I humbly ask you to grace me deeply in each aspect of my struggle.

As my physical eyesight weakens, may the eyes of my faith strengthen, that I may see you and your love in everything.

As my hearing fails, may the ears of my heart be more attentive to the whisper of your gentle voice.

As my legs weaken and walking becomes more difficult, may I walk more truly in your paths, knowing all the while that I am held in the embrace of your love.

As my mind becomes less alert and memory fades, may I remain peaceful in you, aware that with you there is no need for thought or word. You simply ask that I be there with you.

And should sickness overtake me and I be confined to bed, may I know myself as one with your son as he offers life for the salvation of the world.

Finally, as my heart slows from the efforts of the years, may it expand in love for you and all people. May it rest secure and grateful in your loving heart until I am lost in you completely and forever.

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