Friday, June 19, 2015

Spirituality: "The Power of Pause" by Terry Hershey

Every day after school, the son of a well-known rabbi would enter his house, place his backpack on the dining room table, leave the house through the back door, and head into the woods behind the house.

At first, the rabbi gave little thought to his son’s ritual. But it continued for days, and then for weeks. Every day, out into the woods for almost a half an hour. Then the rabbi grew concerned.

“My son,” he said one day. “I notice that every day you leave our home and spend time in the woods. What is it that you are doing there?”

“Oh, Papa,” the son replied. “There is no need to worry. I go into the woods to pray. It is in the woods that I can talk to God.”

“Oh,” the rabbi said, clearly relieved, “But as the son of a rabbi, you should know that God is the same everywhere.”

“Yes, Papa. I know that God is the same everywhere. Bit I am not.”