Friday, February 13, 2015

Spirituality: "Being with Christ" by Pope Francis

Abide in Jesus! The first thing for a disciple is to be with the Master, to listen to him and learn from him …

I ask you: How do you abide in the presence of the Lord? When you visit the Lord, when you look at the tabernacle, what do you do? Without speaking. ”But I speak, I talk, I think, I meditate, I listen …”Very good! But do you let yourself be looked at by the Lord? [May we let] ourselves be gazed upon by the Lord. He looks at us, and this is itself a way of praying. Do you allow yourselves to be gazed upon by the Lord?

But how do you do this? You look at the tabernacle and you let yourselves be looked at … It is simple! “It is a bit boring; I fall asleep.” Fall asleep then, sleep! He is still looking at you. Know for sure that he is looking at you! … This warms the heart, igniting the fire of friendship with the Lord, making you feel that he truly sees you, that he is close to you and loves you.

Source: Pope Francis, The Church of Mercy: A Vision for the Church, pp. 15-16.