Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Poem: "Advent Summons" by Mary Francis, P.C.C.

Come forth from the holy place,
Sweet Child,
Come from the quiet dark
Where virginal heartbeats
Tick your moments.
                                  Come away from the red music
                                  Of Mary’s veins.
                                  Come out from the Tower of David,
                                  Sweet Child,
                                  From the House of God.
Leave your lily-cloister,
Leave your holy mansion,
Quit your covenant ark.
O Child, be born!
                                  Be born, sweet Child,
                                  In our unholy hearts.
Come to our trembling,
Helpless Child.
Come to our littleness,
Little Child.
Be born in us
Who have kept the faltering vigil.
Be given, be born,
Be ours again.
                                  Come forth from your holy haven,
                                  Come away from your perfect shrine,
                                  Come to our wind-racked souls,
                                  From the flawless tent,
                                  Sweet Child.
Be born, little Child,

In our unholy hearts.A

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