Monday, November 24, 2014

Poem: "What Harvest is Ever Gathered Without Your Hand?" by Hafiz

Who can turn from green to gold without your love?

What harvest is ever gathered without your hand there, Beloved, helping?

God will enter the rhythm of our prayers and remembrance but first there must be a natural repetition as we go about our holy labor, which is all work on Earth.

Graceful motion sings beyond what most pens can offer - at this beautiful feast that moves us always closer to the goal.

I am the mountains’ representative. I can speak for them on anyone's behalf, and extend all a vital link you  want with their majesty, that you can then adorn yourself with.

A king could change your life in many ways, but not half as much as an Emperor like me.
An army is a small toy in God's hand, a breath could come from Him or myself lll and it would run or fall.

Wise of you to spend time with Hafiz; something is bound to rub off. Or a flea that lives on me might bite you, and all I have - you catch