Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spirituality: Teilhard de Chardin

It happens sometimes that someone who is pure of heart will discern in oneself, besides the happiness which brings peace to one’s individual desires and affections, a quite special joy, springing from a source outside oneself, which enfolds him/her in an immeasurable sense of well being. This is the flowing back into oneself diminutive personality of the new glow of health which Christ through his Incarnation has infused into humanity as a whole: in him, souls are gladdened with a feeling of warmth, for now they can live in communion with one another. They see with amazement that the monstrous multitude of human kind forms but one heart and one soul, indistinguishable from the Heart and Soul of Christ. But if they are to share in this joy and this vision they must first of all have had the courage to break through the narrow confines of their individuality, depersonalize themselves, so to speak, in order to become centered in Christ."

~~Writings in Time of War, p. 111