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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Poem: “Magdalen” By Henry Kingsley

Magdalen at Michael’s gate
Tirled at the pin;
On Joseph’s thorn sang the blackbird,
“Let her in! Let her in!”
“Hast thou seen the wounds?” said Michael,
“Knowest thou thy sin?”
“It is evening, evening, sang the blackbird,
“Let her in! Let her in!”
“Yes, I have seen the wounds,
And know my sin.”
“She knows it well, well, well,” sang the blackbird.
“Let her in! Let her in!”
“Thou bringest no offerings,” said Michael,
“Naught save sin.”
And the blackbird sang, “She is sorry, sorry, sorry.”
“Let her in! Let her in!”
When he had sung himself to sleep,
And night did begin,
One came and opened Michael’s gate,
And Magdalen went in.


  1. Yes, all that I have to offer the Creator of the universe is myself - and who I am? A sinner who is blessed to know the unconditional love of God. I pray that all people would come to experience that unconditional love and would be bold like Mary Magdalene and claim it for themselves.